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super junior sleeping habits according to siwon! August 5, 2010

eeteuk sleeping habit : “he curls up and wraps himself up in his blanket, he sleeps w/ his face against the wall. he looks like he’s sick.”

heechul sleeping habit: “you can’t recognize it’s him when he’s sleeping cuz he sleeps so deeply.”

hankyung sleeping habit: “he sleeps w/ his door locked.”

kangin sleeping habit: “he sleeps on his stomach. when something bad happens he talks in his sleep, saying stuff like ‘do you wanna die?’”

yesung sleeping habit : “he always sleeps w/ a mean expression. he always sleeps like he’s in a bad mood.”

shindong sleeping habit: “he looks like he’s full when he’s sleeping.”

sungmin sleeping habit: “no matter how loud it is, he just sleeps through it.”

eunhyuk sleeping habit : “sleeps with his mouth open.” donghae sleeping habit: “he sleeps deeply.”

ryeowook sleeping habit : “he looks like he fainted. sometimes he just sleeps in his underwear.”

kibum sleeping habit: “sleeps like a normal person.”

kyuhyun sleeping habit: “always falls asleep while doing something…. and thus he doesn’t look too comfortable when he sleeps.”


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