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Siwon “I’m More Handsome Than Jung Woosung? Don’t Joke Around” January 25, 2011

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Super Junior member Choi Siwon turned into an “action-dol” in the SBS Monday/Tuesday drama ‘Athena: Goddess of War’. Playing the character of NTS special agent Kim Junho who has a painful past, he shows off his strong acting skills alongside Jung Woosung, Cha Seungwon and more.

In the hostage battle scene, when innocent citizens were sacrificed after committing a mistake, he was reluctant to step back into the incident site because of guilt, but had to be bear with the feelings and was deployed back to the field once again. Before debuting with Super Junior, Choi Siwon has acted in the Korea-China-Japan collaborative movie ‘Battle of Wits’ alongside Andy Lau and Ahn Seunggi, and has also accumulated acting experiences through dramas such as ‘Precious Family’ and ‘Eighteen, Twenty Nine’.

This year, he made his presence felt through the drama “Oh! My Lady”, of which he had taken the lead role with Chaerim. In ‘Athena’, he displays a strong appeal which was not inferior to his seniors. He is the key figure in the story’s development, in which his presence will be slowly expanding as the events unfold. On various message boards, there are also a lot of comments who mentioned that they were excited about Choi Siwon(‘s role).

– Feelings about taking on an authentic action scene.

“It was my dream since I was young. I’m really happy to be able to be a part of the counterintelligence team in a blockbuster drama. It’s a burden, but it’s exciting.”

– There are a lot of seniors at the filming site. Are there anyone who gives you advices?

“There are a lot of scenes where I appear with Jung Woosung sunbaenim, (so) he would monitor me directly during the scenes. Although I do not have any scenes where I would be with Cha Seungwon sunbae, he would also monitor me, even to the extent of calling me up to give me various guidance. I’ve also received a lot of guidance from Yoo Donggeun sunbaenim.”

– Do you feel distant from a huge senior (like) Yoo Donggeun?

“On the contrary he would be the first one to approach the hoobaes. He’s worried that the hoobaes might feel distant, so he would try to show that he does care (about us). I’m really thankful for his gesture.”

– Did you get injured while filming the action scenes?

“There are quite a lot of injuries. However when compared to the others it’s nothing. When Woosung sunbaenim was filming in Italy, his legs were badly injured while filming the scene where he had to come out after smashing the glass. Nonetheless when he shot the following scene there was absolutely no changes in his facial expressions. He must be holding it in a lot. The female seniors were also injured while doing the more intense action scenes.”

– What do you think about the comments that said that you’re more good-looking than Jung Woosung?

“If there are a lot of comments like that the director can kill me off in the drama. (laughs) Actually I really liked Jung Woosung sunbae since I was young. Isn’t it a dream for all the boys to be like the movie actor Jung Woosung(?) There was one time where Jung Woosung sunbae mimicked a scene from “A Moment to Remember”, which said that ‘If you drink this then you’ll be my boyfriend’, and sunbae laughed and said that ‘You have to drink three cups’. There are also times where he would act out the motorbike scene from “Beat”. Don’t joke around by comparing me with the legendary handsome actor. Being able to act with him in a piece of work is an honor in itself.”

– Super Junior’s members have dabbled in dramas at the same time.

“Sungmin is currently acting in ‘President’, while Donghae makes an appearance in ‘It’s Okay, Daddy’s Daughter’. I’m very proud of the fact that the members are growing up in various aspects. I feel pride that Super Junior is having an impact on the Korean public’s culture through (our) subunit activities.”

– Do the members follow your activities well?

“If there’s a drama broadcast, the members will imitate my expressions or poses in the drama, and would joke around after learning the lines. That is our own way of expression. Because there are really a lot of activities that our members are involved in, (so) it’s hard to be able to follow every single thing. That’s why we would truthfully tell that we weren’t able to watch (the drama/activities), and admit that it’s our own fault.”

– You have attracted attention from the way you have taken care of Sooyoung when SNSD received the Daesang at the Golden Disk Awards.

“I was very happy after reading the article. I have a scandal with one of the members of SNSD who are the idols of the era. (laughs) Actually I grew up with Sooyoung when we were still trainees, and our relationship is that of a brother and sister. I think that the misunderstanding reflects the interest (in our relationship). Thank you everyone for your concern, I will work hard in order to become a better singer and actor.”

Source: Nate News
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