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110108 Eunhyuk “TVXQ’s Comeback Stage, Mixed Feelings After Viewing It” January 25, 2011

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Super Junior’s Eunhyuk went to watch senior TVXQ’s comeback stage personally (,) showing support.

Yesterday on the 7th, Eunhyuk went down to Seoul KBS building personally to watch the live comeback stage of TVXQ, showing the unique relationship between them.

That day (,) during the interview with Asian Economic Sports Today, Eunhyuk stated “Watching (my) senior TVXQ’s comeback stage, I’m feeling even more nervous (than them).” “People could not help but marvel at their spectacular performance which exceeded expectation, we should really learn from them.”

He also mentioned “Although there’s only 2 of them (,) but they showed a really good and complete stage.” “(I really had) mixed feelings after watching it, (I) hope that they will carry out their promotion activities without much burden, it’d be good (if that’s the case).”

Meanwhile, TVXQ will appear on MBC on the 8th, SBS on the 9th and present their stage for the title song of their new album .

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MBC GAYO DAEJUN 2009 October 10, 2010





Professional critics rank the ‘Top 5 Best and Worst Idols’ September 17, 2010

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Korean website 100Beat is receiving a lot of attention for their recent article on the “5 Best and Worst Idols over the past 10 years”, and we’re bringing it straight to you.

The hottest topic of the Korean music industry over the past few years has been none other than the ‘idol fever’ sweeping the market. With previous years being taken over by boy bands, the past 10 years of the music market have been dominated by both group and soloist idols.

Which idols are the best? Which idols are the worst? With the emergence of H.O.T as the initial marking point of the trend, five individual teams were chosen to compile entries for both the best and the worst categories.

Those that participated in the survey include 20 professional critics, such as music magazine editor-in-chiefs, journalists, and broadcast writers. All of them participated in a discussion meeting with ‘100 BEAT‘ in order to come up with the following list.

<”BEST 5″>

1. BoA
3. Big Bang
4. S.E.S

BoA has topped the list, having debuted 10 years ago at the age of 14. She’s become the model of detailed planning and success. Maybe it’s because she was produced with the foresight and future planning of penetrating the overseas market, but her music itself was trendy with very little flaws. Her agency created a system that worked positively in BoA’s case, making her first footsteps the standard planning of all subsequent idols. She was also one of the first female idols to blow away the image of being a ‘passive’ woman, making sexist phrases like, “The right and wrong of women are covered behind men,” a thing of the past.


SNSD, who is now regarded as a cultural phenomenon, has taken second. SNSD was able to make those that turned away from the TV screens return with anticipation for their next stunt. Kim Jungwee mentioned, “They’ve even made ‘rock kids’ be able to confidently say that they like idols.”

Big Bang was able to garner attention as well, considering they’re a fresh group and unlike any other idol before them; consequently they’ve gathered a strong fanbase (VIP’s). If SNSD possess the ‘uncle fans,’ Big Bang has the ‘older sister fans.’ One such older sister, Lee Hoyoung, commented, “Their strength lies in the fact that each individual member came together to make a harmonious team, despite having their own talents and interests. Not only that, but they are also strong on their own as well.”

And despite much time having been passed since the era of S.E.S, they are still remembered as ‘the’ model for girl groups, earning their place in fourth. Critic Kim Bonghyun stated, “S.E.S is one of the first idols that successfully accomplished both image and music.” Their competition with Fin.K.L showed the market the effects of competition between stars – much like how the competition between the Wonder Girls and SNSD opened doors for yet a newer generation of girl groups.

In the fifth spot is none other than TVXQ / DBSK. Choi Jisun elaborated on TVXQ’s ranking by stating, “TVXQ works in correspondence with the needs of each new generation. They’re an example of a successful entrance into the Japanese market and a group that has made the Hallyu wave something meaningful.”


<”WORST 5″>

1. CNBlue
2. ZE:A
3. Super Junior
4. H.O.T
5. Rain

At the head of the list stands CNBlue. The group is regarded as an idol group imitating a band, and many critics have stepped forward claiming that it’s a problem when their plagiarism controversies have had no effect on their promotions at all. Their reasoning lies within the fact that there are definitely clear lines between singing and being a singer, respecting the rights of composers and selfishly using their work for personal gain; the music industry itself needs to understand the differences in genres. Kim Kwanghyun mentioned, “Just because they’re performing ‘band music’ does not mean that they are a rock band.”

Many critics were put off by idol groups pretending to be a ‘band,’ with other groups like FT Island and Click B earning cold reviews as well.

Lee Kyungjoon commented, “ZE:A is an example of the previous three reasons being applied in a roundabout way.” This statement coupled with their song title, ‘Break Up Adlib,’ is nothing short of being the cherry on top of the absolute worst.


Super Junior has also managed to make the list by dividing listeners into those that can memorize their names, and those that cannot. Critics regarded Super Junior as being nothing other than a bandwagon-type group with skills that fall short of the rising level of expectations. Ironically, there are qualifications to even becoming the worst, though the true worst is yet to be revealed. Critics concluded that Super Junior is an unfortunate group that just isn’t able to live up to the level of their popularity.

H.O.T, the first idols to ever succeed, also became an icon of failure in their eyes. Although full responsibility cannot be placed on H.O.T, they are, however, one of the reasons for the distortion behind the music market and biased planning.

Critics that chose Rain as the worst revealed their reasons to be his excessive media exposure, constantly bombarding the press with news of his ‘world expansion’ and being a ‘world star.’ Although being an all-around player is one of the points of idol promotions, critics have stated that once the details of Rain’s accomplishments are actually investigated, nothing can be found other than the skinny reality behind his impressive body.

With SM Entertainment artists dominating both the best and the worst lists, the list reveals that the company has been the leader of the idol market thus far. These results also demonstrate that groups are more popular than solo artists. No group made both lists, proving that there is a universal standard dividing a clear ‘like and dislike’ with each idol. Idols are immediately separated into ‘likable’ and ‘not likable’ – a standard that only looks at the absolute basics of each idol. Whether or not such a phenomenon will work in the advantage of idols requires more time to see.

Kim Hyunjoon concluded, “I was not able to participate in this survey under three reasons. The first is because I do not know enough about the idols mentioned in this list. The second is because I’m becoming old. It’s difficult for me to hear their songs. And the third is because there is still an endless amount of music to be heard in this world. Even if I am able to live 3x the average lifespan, I will never have the extra time to spend listening to idol music.”

Netizens commented on DAUM’s BBS board with comments such as , “I agree overall with the list,” “Maybe the journalist is a male, there are no girl groups in the worst list,” “I don’t care that they chose those groups as the worst, but I think a better explanation is needed,” and “Where is 2PM in the worst?”



for cassie… September 16, 2010

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Take cover, everyone. I have arrived in a foul mood and with an incoherent rant, ready to rip apart my laptop’s keyboard. It’s about – you guessed it! – DBSK. Or in stupid people’s terms, good ol’ JYJ vs. HoMin. Again.

SOOOOO as most fans are already aware, JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu) have signed a 1-year contract with Nature Republic. Some people have misinterpreted this as signing a contract with a new company. Well, in fact, they have signed with a new company that ‘manages their promotion overseas in China.’ For some strange reason, everyone is going crazy! Fans are clearly upset at losing DBSK and Anti-fans are pissing their pants in glee at DBSK aka best group in all of K-pop history going down.

Uh… Nature Republic is a cosmetic company…
How does JYJ signing with a COSMETIC COMPANY have anything to do with DBSK disbanding…
Why is everyone crying their eyes out/laughing maniacally over nothing…
I don’t understand.
I asked that very same question and was flooded with angry, confused, satisfied comments such as:


1. JYJ is concentrating on activities in Japan. They have released a mini-album and its first day sales exceeded the outcome of the SMTown concert. While JYJ is keeping the name “DBSK” alive in Japan, HoMin is keeping DBSK alive in Korea. Like what Shinjirou Inoue said in his blog, The five still want to work together.

2. Would fans rather Yunho and Changmin address themselves by names only, or by Dong Bang Shin Ki? I personally think it is heartwarming to hear that these two still fondly call themselves DBSK. Any mention of DBSK is wonderful. We don’t want this name to be forgotten, do we?

3. JYJ and HoMin may be separate for now. They may be separate for the next 10 years, or even 20 years. But DBSK still has not broken up. It is still very much alive in our hearts and theirs. Until the boys themselves say “DBSK is disbanding.”, DBSK is still together.

4. We have to keep faith. There are lots of obstacles in the road ahead of us, but if we continue to support them and believe, then we can overcome anything. Right? We need to stay united as Cassiopeia, so DBSK can have something to return to when they’re back. I’ll always be here for them.

Lastly, I want to address the topic of whether or not JYJ or HoMin ‘should be’ doing activities separately as two sub-units. We can’t control what they want to do. But more importantly, SME can’t control what JYJ does anymore. Without SME, JYJ has performed in Tokyo Dome, released a mini-album, participated in Lotte Dutty CMs, photoshoots, dramas, musicals, and have now agreed to join a cosmetic company. They are doing extremely well without SME breathing down their necks, controlling their destiny. By doing all these things, they are essentially letting SME know that they are not mere puppets. They CAN be successful on their own, and if SME knows what’s good for them, then they’ll try to fix things. (Although I doubt JYJ will consider returning to that shitty company.)

Well, what do you expect JYJ to do? Sit on their asses all day and complain about the situation? NO! They’re grown men. They can make their own decisions and choose what is best for them.

As for HoMin… Look what SME is doing to them!!! They are restricting these two boys’ talents. Yeah, Yunho had the Goong Musical, Haru, Evisu photoshoots, and Heading to the Ground drama. And what did generous, wonderful SME give Changmin? A couple of magazine photoshoots and one hell of a delayed drama. SME DOES NOT APPRECIATE TALENT. AT ALL. If SME cared for them, the damn company would be showering HoMin with opportunities.

And you know what else SME decided to do with the two artists who were gracious enough to stay with them? COMPLETELY INSULT THEM AND HURT THEIR IMAGE IN JAPAN.
Remember that comment by Kim MinYoung I wrote a while back? This filthy human being had the NERVE to say that DBSK had an easy road in Japan. Not only did he degrade DBSK’s hard work, but he also stepped on Yunho’s leadership. Stepped on it, spit on it, and sat on it with his large ass stuffed with money from DBSK’S EARNINGS FROM JAPAN. Yep. Nice visual.

I don’t know what made Yunho and Changmin stay in SME, but I’ve gotten past all the wondering and doubting. I support their decisions 100%. Even if DBSK isn’t five anymore, as long as all five are good friends, then I’m happy. Because their happiness is what made me happy in the first place. Their smiles and laughs are everything to me.

Even now, we’re still looking at the same sky, the same W among the stars.

So Cassiopeia… Let’s do our best and hope for a better future, ok? (:



SM artists bring in 25,000 fans to concert in Shanghai

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The artists of top talent agency SM Entertainment held their third concert in Shanghai over the weekend, performing a total of 54 songs in front of 25,000 concertgoers.

At the “SMTOWN LIVE ’10 in Shanghai” held at the Hongkou Football Stadium on September 11, Kangta, BoA, U-know Yunho, Max Changmin, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, SHINee, f(x) and Zhang Li Yin took the stage to sing their own songs as well as crossover performances with each other.

Singer Kangta sang the title track “Remember” from his upcoming Chinese album, which will be released later this month, and Super Junior unit, Super Junior-M, performed their Chinese hits songs “Blue Tomorrow” and “Me.”

Kangta also gave a duet performance of the song “7989″ with f(x) member Sulli, while the singer and the rest of the SM artists celebrated his 15th anniversary in the music industry with a cake and special video featuring his past activities.

“I was surprised because I didn’t know that they have planned this event. I want to thank my fellow labelmates and my fans who congratulated me that day,” Kangta was quoted as saying, adding that he will work harder in the future.

The four hour-long concert wrapped up with a group performance of all the artists singing to H.O.T’s song “Hope.”

SM’s world tour this year first kicked off in Seoul in late August and was followed by the second concert in Los Angeles at the Staples Center on September 4. They will continue on into Tokyo of Japan in January of next year for their final stop on the tour.



Which idol group has the greatest influence on people born in the 80′s?

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Once idol groups lead the music industry in their generation, they will always become a part of the fond youthful memories of fans. From The Beatles to The Little Tigers, every generation will have their own idols, so which group influences people born in the 80′s the most?

Through the international online entertainment channel’s related survey’s, the group at the number one spot is still Korea’s representative idol group – TVXQ. Not being affected by the members’ dispute with their management company, TVXQ’s popularity is still as explosive as ever.

Super Junior follows in the 2nd place, so did Hankyung’s withdrawal from SJ make an impact on the ranking? The classic group of Super Junior will always be in the memories of everyone around.

Taiwan girl group S.H.E took 3rd place. Having been in the industry for 10 years, anyone would be able to hum at least a few lines of their songs.

Next in line is H.O.T. Although they have disbanded for a few years already, the impact that they had on everybody is still fresh in our minds.

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The Korean Idols Who Took Over the “City of Angels” September 10, 2010

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At the LA Staples Center in USA on Sept. 4th, during the SM Town Live World Tour. SNSD, Super Junior, and other SM Entertainment artists are seen here singing their last song, “Light”, receiving cheers from the audience.
The 56th song on this night, HOT’s “Light”, rang throughout the stadium to all the seats in the audience which were all filled even up to the topmost floor. All the members in the audience got up and sang along in Korean to the 43 singers with beautiful harmony on stage. The Korean singers, who were all on the stage of their dreams, cried tears.
This was all at the Staples Center in LA, where the Grammy awards are held. This concert venue was where Michael Jackson’s memorial concert was held, and also where Beyonce, Madonna, and other super stars have performed before. On September 4th, K-pop had made history at the very same place.
The SM Town Live World Tour LA concert was held, and BoA, SNSD, Super Junior, Shinee, f(x), Uknow Yunho, and other SM Entertainment singers were in attendance. The fans cheered with all their might during the 4 hours of Korean music.
3 hours before the concert started, fans of many background and colors started to gather. 50% of the tickets for this concert were sold to non-Asian fans, and besides fans from the obvious countries like USA and Canada, there were many fans that came to see from Spain, Denmark, and other countries.
Trevor Phillis(18), who came with SNSD face paint, said, “I learned of Korean singers through Youtube this past May, and SNSD’s dances and songs were enough to make my eyes go wide.”
Stephanie Innis(20) said, “I came to know about K-pop through a friend, and I’m enjoying and listening to it through the internet.”
During the afternoon of the concert date, around 2000 American fans held a voluntary fanmeet at the LA Convention Center near the concert venue. It was a fanmeet that formed by one American fan gathering other Korean music fans on facebook. [they are probably talking about the SM Town fanmeet, not the SSF fanmeet]
This concert of hallyu idol stars in America was being prepared since over a year ago, but it has been a rather easy entry from the beginning. Although tt was being prepared for with half doubt, 15,000 tickets were all sold out within a week this past July. Tickets were on average $120 each, and a total of $1,800,000 was made just from ticket sales. From the confidence from the ticket sales, a total of 250 people, including all the singers and staff, were flown to LA on a chartered plane. It was the first time Korean singers were every flown to America on a chartered plane for a performance.
Each group showed off their hit songs and dances, solo performances, and drama OSTs. Jessica and Krystal, and few others went beyond their group performances and did a duet piece.
There was nothing different about the enthusiastic atmosphere in this place than the concerts in Asia. The fans dressed in colors to support SNSD or Super Junior or others, and waved balloons and light sticks. The long concert came to a close when fans’ cheers were loud enough to make people to go deaf.
Idols, who have represented the Korean music industry for the past 10 or so years, are finally ready to stand on international stages. The concert was able to run smoothly thanks to members of f(x) who are able to communicate in Mandarin and English, and other members in each of the groups that are able to speak foreign languages.

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