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jonghyun injured:( October 15, 2010

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It was revealed today that two of SHINee’s members were injured after a performance in Indonesia. SHINee took off for Jakarta to perform for the ‘Korea-Indonesia Sharing Friendship Concert‘, held on October 12th.

SM Entertainment announced on the 14th, “The Indonesian fans showed a lot of interest in SHINee during this event. There were a lot of people that were waiting to see the group after the performance, so as Jonghyun was getting off-stage, he was being pushed around, causing him to twist his ankle and injure his ligaments. Key also got hurt at this time.”

SM continued, “Jonghyun went to a hospital in Seoul as soon as he arrived. He got a minor cast to protect his ankle. Key went to the hospital as well and they told him he should rest for a day or two. Because of this, SHINee could not make it to the event that was scheduled that night.”

SM added, “But their injuries are not serious, so their follow-up song ‘Hello’ will be promoted without problems. SHINee members remain very thankful of the Indonesian fans’ support.”

Their appearance in Indonesia made it to the first page of ‘The Jakarta Post’.

Suddenly this explains why SHINee performed with just Minho, Taemin and Onew at the KIKO Public Awareness Cultural Fest last night
source : allkpop


Donghae cast in “It’s alright, Daddy’s Daughter”, to take lead role ?

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Super Junior’s Donghae will reportedly be appearing as the lead role for the new SBS Monday-Tuesday Drama, “It’s fine, Dad’s Daughter.”
In “It’s fine, Dad’s Daughter” scheduled for airing on November 22nd, Donghae is going to play the lead role Wookgi , the final details of which are being prepared. On October 14th a reprepresentative from SBS Drama division said to Money Today Star News, “We plan for Donghae to cast as the lead role.” On the other hand, Donghae’s management company, SM Entertainment said, “It’s true that we have received the proposal and have done a meeting, but we haven’t made a decision yet.”
The new drama is about Chae Ryeong (played by Moon Chaewon), a child that grows up without worries and rebuilds her life after experiencing her dad’s sudden death. Moon Chaewon and CN Blue member, Kang Minhyuk have been confirmed as the other cast members of the drama.

SOURCE: With translation by ☆★pinkninja


MBC GAYO DAEJUN 2009 October 10, 2010





star dance battle! idol star trot competition September 29, 2010

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Round 1 – Miss A (Star Dance Battle 2010)

Round 1 – Secret (Star Dance Battle 2010)

Round 3 – 4Minute (Star Dance Battle 2010)

Round 3 – After School (Star Dance Battle 2010)

Round 3 – Result

BEAST – Round 8 (Idol Star Trot Competition)

Ukiss – Round 8 (Idol Star Trot Competition)

Onew ft Luna f(x) – Trot song (Idol Star Trot Competition)

Orange Caramel – Love Battery (Idol Star Trot Competition)

Round 9 – 2AM (cover Bad girl Good girl)

Round 6 – Kim JiSun vs Jung Juri ft KiKwang (BEAST)

Round 6 – Result

Round 9 – Kim ShinYoung + Result

Round 5 – BEAST vs MBLAQ

Round 5 – Result

Round 4 – Milk Caramel (ZEA,Ukiss,INFINITE) + Result

Round 4 – IU (Queen) (Star Dance Battle 2010)


Professional critics rank the ‘Top 5 Best and Worst Idols’ September 17, 2010

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Korean website 100Beat is receiving a lot of attention for their recent article on the “5 Best and Worst Idols over the past 10 years”, and we’re bringing it straight to you.

The hottest topic of the Korean music industry over the past few years has been none other than the ‘idol fever’ sweeping the market. With previous years being taken over by boy bands, the past 10 years of the music market have been dominated by both group and soloist idols.

Which idols are the best? Which idols are the worst? With the emergence of H.O.T as the initial marking point of the trend, five individual teams were chosen to compile entries for both the best and the worst categories.

Those that participated in the survey include 20 professional critics, such as music magazine editor-in-chiefs, journalists, and broadcast writers. All of them participated in a discussion meeting with ‘100 BEAT‘ in order to come up with the following list.

<”BEST 5″>

1. BoA
3. Big Bang
4. S.E.S

BoA has topped the list, having debuted 10 years ago at the age of 14. She’s become the model of detailed planning and success. Maybe it’s because she was produced with the foresight and future planning of penetrating the overseas market, but her music itself was trendy with very little flaws. Her agency created a system that worked positively in BoA’s case, making her first footsteps the standard planning of all subsequent idols. She was also one of the first female idols to blow away the image of being a ‘passive’ woman, making sexist phrases like, “The right and wrong of women are covered behind men,” a thing of the past.


SNSD, who is now regarded as a cultural phenomenon, has taken second. SNSD was able to make those that turned away from the TV screens return with anticipation for their next stunt. Kim Jungwee mentioned, “They’ve even made ‘rock kids’ be able to confidently say that they like idols.”

Big Bang was able to garner attention as well, considering they’re a fresh group and unlike any other idol before them; consequently they’ve gathered a strong fanbase (VIP’s). If SNSD possess the ‘uncle fans,’ Big Bang has the ‘older sister fans.’ One such older sister, Lee Hoyoung, commented, “Their strength lies in the fact that each individual member came together to make a harmonious team, despite having their own talents and interests. Not only that, but they are also strong on their own as well.”

And despite much time having been passed since the era of S.E.S, they are still remembered as ‘the’ model for girl groups, earning their place in fourth. Critic Kim Bonghyun stated, “S.E.S is one of the first idols that successfully accomplished both image and music.” Their competition with Fin.K.L showed the market the effects of competition between stars – much like how the competition between the Wonder Girls and SNSD opened doors for yet a newer generation of girl groups.

In the fifth spot is none other than TVXQ / DBSK. Choi Jisun elaborated on TVXQ’s ranking by stating, “TVXQ works in correspondence with the needs of each new generation. They’re an example of a successful entrance into the Japanese market and a group that has made the Hallyu wave something meaningful.”


<”WORST 5″>

1. CNBlue
2. ZE:A
3. Super Junior
4. H.O.T
5. Rain

At the head of the list stands CNBlue. The group is regarded as an idol group imitating a band, and many critics have stepped forward claiming that it’s a problem when their plagiarism controversies have had no effect on their promotions at all. Their reasoning lies within the fact that there are definitely clear lines between singing and being a singer, respecting the rights of composers and selfishly using their work for personal gain; the music industry itself needs to understand the differences in genres. Kim Kwanghyun mentioned, “Just because they’re performing ‘band music’ does not mean that they are a rock band.”

Many critics were put off by idol groups pretending to be a ‘band,’ with other groups like FT Island and Click B earning cold reviews as well.

Lee Kyungjoon commented, “ZE:A is an example of the previous three reasons being applied in a roundabout way.” This statement coupled with their song title, ‘Break Up Adlib,’ is nothing short of being the cherry on top of the absolute worst.


Super Junior has also managed to make the list by dividing listeners into those that can memorize their names, and those that cannot. Critics regarded Super Junior as being nothing other than a bandwagon-type group with skills that fall short of the rising level of expectations. Ironically, there are qualifications to even becoming the worst, though the true worst is yet to be revealed. Critics concluded that Super Junior is an unfortunate group that just isn’t able to live up to the level of their popularity.

H.O.T, the first idols to ever succeed, also became an icon of failure in their eyes. Although full responsibility cannot be placed on H.O.T, they are, however, one of the reasons for the distortion behind the music market and biased planning.

Critics that chose Rain as the worst revealed their reasons to be his excessive media exposure, constantly bombarding the press with news of his ‘world expansion’ and being a ‘world star.’ Although being an all-around player is one of the points of idol promotions, critics have stated that once the details of Rain’s accomplishments are actually investigated, nothing can be found other than the skinny reality behind his impressive body.

With SM Entertainment artists dominating both the best and the worst lists, the list reveals that the company has been the leader of the idol market thus far. These results also demonstrate that groups are more popular than solo artists. No group made both lists, proving that there is a universal standard dividing a clear ‘like and dislike’ with each idol. Idols are immediately separated into ‘likable’ and ‘not likable’ – a standard that only looks at the absolute basics of each idol. Whether or not such a phenomenon will work in the advantage of idols requires more time to see.

Kim Hyunjoon concluded, “I was not able to participate in this survey under three reasons. The first is because I do not know enough about the idols mentioned in this list. The second is because I’m becoming old. It’s difficult for me to hear their songs. And the third is because there is still an endless amount of music to be heard in this world. Even if I am able to live 3x the average lifespan, I will never have the extra time to spend listening to idol music.”

Netizens commented on DAUM’s BBS board with comments such as , “I agree overall with the list,” “Maybe the journalist is a male, there are no girl groups in the worst list,” “I don’t care that they chose those groups as the worst, but I think a better explanation is needed,” and “Where is 2PM in the worst?”



[ATTENTION!] Youtube to collaborate with SBS to delete all SBS related videos!!

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Youtube to collaborate with SBS to delete all SBS related videos

Illegally uploaded Youtube videos containing content from the broadcast company SBS will now be deleted.

On the 14th, Youtube joined forces with the Korea Copyrights Commision and SBS Contents Hub to revitalize the protection of TV broadcast shows being uploaded onto Youtube.

With this collaboration, Youtube will use its content verification technology (CID, Contents Identification) to delete any videos containing content related to SBS broadcasts.

This is the first time a Korean broadcast company has taken the action of filtering out videos in order to regulate violations and protect their company’s copyrights.

Youtube and SBS are also making plans to review how they apply their advertising models in their contents.

The president of Google Korea and Managing Director of Google Asia stated,

“This new collaboration is to contribute to the healthy distribution of online contents. In the future, we will establish a proper awareness of copyright in the online world, and create an environment where internet users can enjoy the quality of content without having to fear copyright infringements.”



Asianism Colourful Day with Donghae September 16, 2010

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Part 1:

With Preview:

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