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2010.12.10- UFO Replies (Jonghyun) January 25, 2011

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2010.12.10 03:00
[Fan]:[Jonghyun] Does oppa want to play a game with me? The losing one will need to listen to the winner’s one wish
[Jonghyun]:What wish?

2010.12.10 04:12
[Fan]:How is Kibum oppa’s exam results?
[Jonghyun]: Fighting (T/N: This reply seemed like a mass reply)


(T/N: The replies below seemed like it was from the same fan)

2010.12.10 04:25
[Fan]: Need to work overnight. So sleepy ㅠ^ㅠ
[Jonghyun]:Work hard. Why overnight~? Onew hyung is sleeping. Ke

2010.12.10 04:29
[Fan]:Because tomorrow is my finals. TT Is oppa not sleepy? It’s already 4am.
[Jonghyun]:Aigoo, take a big sleep after your exams~ Recharge energy and do well~

2010.12.10 04:31
[Fan]:The Lucifer performance during GDA was really handsome. Really got a shock~
[Jonghyun]: Thank You. Ke

2010.12.10 04:34
[Fan]:Oppa! My friend is also SHW! Recently, oppa’s popularity is rising.↑↑ Up
[Jonghyun]:Need to help me promote.

2010.12.10 04:38
[Fan]:Yes sir!Haha so except for oppa, everyone else is sleeping??
[Jonghyun]:Mm, all sleeping. Ke

2010.12.10 04:41
[Fan]:Oppa should also be tired..ㅠㅠ
[Jonghyun]:A little sleepy. Ke

2010.12.10 04:47
[Fan]:My friend who came back from Australia also knows how to sing Lucifer and Noona Is So Pretty! Oppas are international SHINee~
[Jonghyun]:That friend is really a miracle~~~~!!!!

2010.12.10 04:50
[Fan]:Kekekeke Oppa is really too handsomeㅠ!
[Jonghyun]:Talking about Onew?

2010.12.10 04:52
[Fan]:Talking about Jonghyun oppa!
[Jonghyun]:Don’t talk about things we all know ^^

2010.12.10 04:59
[Fan]:You! Hahaha today’s GDA, oppa was conducting for Minho oppa’s birthday song. I saw fancams! Keke
[Jonghyun]:Ah really~ Ke really interesting. Ke

[Fan]:After I heard Hot Times, I immediately fell in love with it
[Jonghyun]:I also fell in love with this song.

Source: Shakizi
English translation: vivz@soompi


2011.01.06-07 UFO REPLIES (JONGHYUN)

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011.01.06 02:05
Fan: [Jonghyun] Oppa, is it okay if you can call my name?
[Jonghyun] Gyuyeon?
(T/N: This fan’s UFO name is “JonghyunGyuyeon”)

2011.01.06 02:05
Fan: [Jonghyun] Jonghyun oppa very handsome
[Jonghyun] Yes

2011.01.06 02:06
Fan: [Onew Jonghyun Key Minho Taemin] Oppas~ Do you have encore concert? Want to see oppas ㅠㅠ Encore concert go go!
[Jonghyun] Go go go go

2011.01.06 02:07
Fan: [Jonghyun] Oppa!! I will be going to Year 9 in Secondary School. Really tiring ㅠ
[Jonghyun] Indeed very tiring. But it’ll eventually be over won’t it?

2011.01.06 02:09
Fan: [Jonghyun] Girls, really handsomeㅠㅠ Want to sleep but because of oppa I can’t sleep! Sing a lullaby for me?
[Jonghyun] Under mother’s care
(T/N: This is the Korean title: 엄마가 섬그늘에)

2011.01.06 02:11
Fan: [Jonghyun] Is it not okay to chat with me??? ㅋㅋI really like oppaㅠㅠ
[Jonghyun] Really want to~?

2011.01.06 02:12
Fan: [Jonghyun] What are you doing?
[Jonghyun] Keke

2011.01.06 02:13
Fan: [Jonghyun] Woo…is oppa right?? ㅠㅠ Like oppa the most ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Byulroo is in my room. Bring her away ^^;;
[Jonghyun] No Byulroo is with me

Fan: [Jonghyun] Oppa. Wish you are here. I want to sayㅋㅋI love oppa…really ^^ Oppa is the best
[Jonghyun] Thank you ^^

2011.01.06 02:18
Fan: [Jonghyun] Is it alright to keep sending? Oppa I went to the concert on the last day! Ready or Not stage was totally handsome!!ㅋㅋ
[Jonghyun] Yeah~ Ready or not is real

2011.01.06 02:19
Fan: [Jonghyun] Also when you sang A-YO. The little sequence grami? The ‘a’ with lower case letters? Who’s ID was it? Too cute~
[Jonghyun] It’s the choreographers
(T/N: I’m not sure what “grami” is -_-)

2011.01.06 02:28
Fan: [Jonghyun] Oppa, if I call you cute, handsome and sexy. Which one do you like more???
[Jonghyun] Like all

2011.01.06 02:45
Fan: [Jonghyun] Should sleep now ㅠㅋㅋ I need to sleep too. Handsome, cute and sexy Jonghyunee Oppa~ Goodnight
[Jonghyun] Good night

2011.01.06 02:47
Fan: [Jonghyun] (T/N: The fan hid the message)
[Jonghyun] Thank You

2011.01.06 02:59
Fan: [Jonghyun] Jonghyun ah. Wish I can see you quicker at encore concert. Miss you..^^
[Jonghyun] Me too

2011.01.06 03:00
Fan: [Jonghyun] Also good at rap Jonghyun-ssi! Is it not okay to perform rap in a Hot Times performance!?
[Jonghyun]ㅋㅋㅋ That…no

2011.01.07 14:12
Fan: [Jonghyun] Maybe if I send a UFO with “Jonghyun is handsome!” those kinda words will earn me a reply?
[Jonghyun] Thank you. Ke

2011.01.07 14:20
Fan:[Jonghyun] What is oppa doing?
[Jonghuyn] Sending replies to you

2011.01.07 14:23
Fan: [Jonghyun] Ah. Really. Couldn’t go to the concert. ㅠ What should I do? ㅠ
[Jonghun]ㅠㅠ Come to the concert. Ke
(T/N: Korean fan guess he meant the next concert?)

2011.01.07 14:25
Fan: [Jonghyun] Ehㅠ!! Need to speak the truth even when you are in front of me.
[Jonghyun] Eh??ㅋㅋㅋ

2011.01.07 14:35
Fan: [Jonghyun] Oh, it’s my first time receiving an UFO reply from Jonghyun!! Want to see you dancing faster!! Do you like bread~?
[Jonghyun] Do not like bread

2011.01.07 14:42
Fan: [Jonghyun] Why does it seem so easy for oppa? Won’t become crazy
[Jonghyun]ㅋㅋㅋㅋIt’s this easy

2011.01.07 14:43
Fan: [Jonghyun] Why are you doing this to me!!!!!! Not replying UFO ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
[Jonghyun] Replying

2011.01.07 14:44
Fan: [Jonghyun] When you see it in winter, it’s a bit…suitable right?! Ah not just a bit…but a lot? ㅠ?
[Jonghyun] Mm?

2011.01.07 14:44
Fan: [Jonghyun] Ahahahahah, DBSK oppas will comeback soon!!! Is oppa is supporting right now?
[Jonghyun] Yes ^^

2011.01.07 14:47
Fan: [Jonghyun] By the time oppa replies, my neck will come off ㅠㅋㅋㅋㅋ
[Jonghyun]ㅠㅠ jing jing bbok (imitates the neck falling off sound)

2011.01.07 14:48
Fan: [Jonghyun] Not replying, come here jjing jjing ㅜㅜ!!!!!!
[Jonghyun] Jing Jing~

2011.01.07 14:49
Fan: [Jonghyun] Ah oppa, why is it everytime you reply my UFOs, it’s repeatedㅜㅜ So bad
[Jonghyun] Didn’t repeat ke

2011.01.07 14:33
Fan: [Jonghyun] Had been standing at the standing zone during the concert. Now, there’s not a single place where it doesn’t hurt on my body ㅠㅠ
[Jonghyun] Still??

2011.01.07 14:34
Fan: [Jonghyun] Mm, or …ㅠㅠㅠㅠ seems like a month alreadyㅠㅠㅠ
[Jonghyun] Eh, you’re lying

2011.01.07 14:39S
Fan: [Jonghyun] It’s true. It’s the truth. Body is still hurtingㅠㅠㅠ You need to take responsibility ㅠAhㅠㅠ
[Jonghyun] Why meㅠㅠㅠ

2011.01.07 14:48
Fan: [Jonghyun] Sorry… very unreasonable. No matter what, my body is still hurting a lot. It’s trueㅠㅠ
[Jonghyun]ㅠㅠ I

source: shakizi
chinese trans: bobohero@sm shinee
eng trans: vivz@soompi


SBS Idol Couple Battle in Pattaya, Thailand (17-19 Jan 2011)

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Couples I
~ Onew – Hara
~ Minho – Hyorin

Couples II
~ Jungmin – Seonhwa
~ Seungri – Hyuna
~ Jinwoon – Lizzie
~ Chansung – Uee
~ Nichkhun – Hyomin
~ Onew – Hara
~ Minho – Krystal
~ Eunhyuk – Seungyeon
~ Donghae – Hyorin

Couples III (Final)
~ Seungri – Uee
~ Minho – Krystal
~ Donghae – Hara
~ Eunhyuk – Seungyeon
~ Nickhun – Hyuna
~ Jeongmin – Seonhwa

The rest boys coupled with…eh…boys!!! 😀

(cr: jujugal)


Seoul Music Award Winners

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High 1 Popularity Award: SHINee, SNSD

Performance Award: Bobby Kim

Digital Music Award: IU

Special Hallyu Award: SNSD

Trot Award: Jang Yoon Jung

Hip-hop Award: Supreme Team

R&B/Ballad Award: 2AM

Best Album Award: PSY

Rookie Award: The Boss, SISTAR, CNBlue

Bonsangs: miss A, Son Dam Bi, IU, 2AM, 4minute, FT Island, BEAST, SNSD

Daesang: SNSD

cr: koreaboo

[VIDEO] SHINee Won Popularity Award/Speech at Seoul Music Award

cr: bigbangSHINeeworld1@yt


November 19, 2010

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SM Entertainment recently announced that they would be forming a ballad group with members from various SM Entertainment bands.

SHINee’s Jonghyun, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, TRAX’s Jay and a new singer who has yet to debut, JINO, will be part of the group.

JINO who has been a trainee for two years will debut with the group.

On November 19th, SM said that their first album,Missing You, will be out on November 26th.

The group name will be called S.M THE BALLAD and SM says the group will also collaborate with other SM artists and singers in the future to create ballad music.



Super Junior is the most popular Korean Idol in which South American country? November 17, 2010

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With K-pop quickly spreading in popularity across the globe, the Korea Foundation for International Culture Exchange is conducting various surveys and researching Hallyu trends in foreign countries. Recently, this organization conducted a Top 10 most popular Korean artist survey in a South American country. Which country was it?

The country is none other than Brazil, which is the world’s fifth largest country and where football (soccer) reigns supreme. The survey polled 2,826 young Brazilians who enjoy Korean music and Super Junior reigned supreme with a total of 2,137 votes.

Top 10:
1. Super Junior 2137 votes
2. SHINee 1507 votes
3. Big Bang 1471 votes
4. BoA 1351 votes
5. SNSD 1310 votes
6. 2NE1 1090 votes
7. 2PM 1027 votes
8. 4Minute 978 votes
9. f(x) 959 votes
10. Wonder Girls 887 votes

In addition to Brazil, youtube viewing statistics show that Super Junior has many views from countries such as France, Italy, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Canada, and Sweden.

source; AllKpop


SHINee’s Minho to make acting debut in “Pianist” November 11, 2010

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SHINee’s Minho will be adding ‘actor’ to his resume, as it’s just been confirmed that he’ll be starring in a special KBS drama series.

Minho was recently cast as the male lead for KBS’s drama special ‘Pianist‘. Minho expressed, “Since this is my first time acting, I’m quite nervous, but I feel good all the same because it’ll be a new experience for me. I will try my best to show the same awesome image that I put on stage. Thank you.”

The character Minho will be playing is a 20-year old who was born with genius music abilities, but unfortunately suffered misfortune as he was growing up. However, while helping his dad at the piano manufacturing factory, he eventually opens up his locked talents to play the piano.

‘Pianist’ is the brainchild of PD Moon Jun Ha and scriptwriter Park Eun Jung. The drama also stars actress Han Ji Hye, and will begin filming on November 9th.

The episode will be aired on the 20th.