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110104 Super Junior K.R.Y. To Hold Their Concert In Korea January 25, 2011

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Super Junior’s ballad unit, Super Junior- K.R.Y. will be holding their concert in Korea for the first time.

Super Junior-K.R.Y. will hold their own concert titled ‘SUPER JUNIOR-K.R.Y. THE 1ST CONCERT’ from February 11th to 13th. The concert will be held in Seoul Olympic Park Woori Finance Art Hall and are expected to mesmerize the audience.

Super Junior- K.R.Y. is the first unit of Super Junior and are comprised of Super Junior’s members Kyuhyun, Ryeowook and Yesung. As the ballad unit, they have participated in Super Junior’s albums as well as various OSTs, getting recognition for their superb singing abilities and beautiful harmony.

The group has successfully finished their concert in Japan and Taiwan last year. Due to ardent requests from Korean fans wanting to see Super Junior-K.R.Y.’s concert, the group decided to hold the concert in Korea.

Because it’s the first time that Super Junior’s unit will hold their own concert, people can expect to see Super Junior-K.R.Y.’s unique music color. Also, the concert is expected to receive high interest from many music fans.

Meanwhile, Super Junior have finished off their album activity and are currently working actively in various fields as MCs, actors, DJs and musical actors.

The tickets will go on sale on the internet ticket booking site G Market ( on February 13th at 8PM.

Source: TVDaily
Translated By: Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM


Among Super Junior members, Yesung has the biggest ambition^^ September 11, 2010

-Super Junior K.R.Y members, Kyuhyun and Ryeowook has attended the recording for ‘The Muzit’ in order to congratulate fellow member,Yesung,for being chosen as the show’s MC.
During the interview section, Kyuhyun and Ryeowook have also revealed that ‘Among Super Junior member…s, Yesung has the biggest ambition’.

-Kyuhyun and Ryeowook added,”Usually,while Yesung is playing with computer games,he would be watching DVDs,reading a magazine and even eating fruits at the same time”.
Yesung’s ability to be able to multi-task has been recognized and thus, he’s known to be the one with the biggest ambition.

-Yesung had also joked about Kyuhyun saying that “He’s a premature kid and doesn’t gives out the feeling like a younger brother.”
He continued, “I was the first person who gave Kyuhyun a call at 12 midnight sharp during his birthday.” displaying his love for his younger brother.
He also continued to praised about fellow member Ryeowook, “He is a friend that would always take the members into consideration first before he ever thinks for himself.”
This have also shown their strong bonding for one another.

-Yesung have been conducting personal activities in different fields especailly after being chosen to become an MC for ‘The Muzit’, together with ‘Yoo Young Suk’ and ‘K.WILL’.

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Seoul Drama Festival – KRY Fanmeeting (LINKS):

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Dreaming Hero:

Yesung Focus:

Kyuhyun – Hope is a Dream that Never Sleeps (Kim Tak Gu OST):

Kyuhyun – Hope is a Dream that Never Sleeps (Kim Tak Gu OST) 2:

Yesung – It Has To Be You:


{LINKS} Super junior – KRY with sungmin and donghae: Japan Concert August 11, 2010

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The Night Chicago Died


It has to be you ( and japan song)

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