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Nominees for the Newcomers’ Awards Ceremony confirmed, Han Geng one of them December 2, 2010

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The 3rd Music Billboard New Artists’ Awards Ceremony will be grandly held at Beijing on the 19th of December this year, and at the moment, this year’s awards ceremony has entered the most intense preparation phase, whereby the main prizes and the finalists concerned have all been confirmed, with Han Geng and Hebe being the frontrunners of winning the Best Newcomer award.

Super rookies Hebe and Han Geng joins the New Artists’ Award Ceremony

In the year 2010, the Chinese music industry has displayed the most special phenomenon, where a group of “super rookies*” have successfully broke into the records market. Aside from having accumulated years of popularity, they have also received the industry and the market’s recognition for their “new moves”.

In the vocal department, Han Geng might not be able to be compared with Hebe or any of the other artists who depend on their voices and vocal techniques as the main selling point, but after walking out of the shadow casted by the storm leading from his contract termination and putting down the halo of debuting for five years, Han Geng has laid a strong foundation in his first step in developing a solo career, and displayed a remarkable performance. His first album 《Geng Xin》 has many different styles, from his expertise the electronic dance music, to slow ballads which reflect the voice of his heart, Han Geng was able to skillfully portray his vocals in both fast and slow songs. Turning from a member of an idol group into a solo artist, Han Geng has done his homework well**; it’s not difficult to hear the leap in his diligence and singing techniques. It allowed everyone to see Han Geng’s seriousness and hardworking side, and his pure dedication towards his dreams.

The 3rd Newcomers’ Awards Ceremony will be held at Beijing on the 19th of December. To find out who will be the winner of the night, please tune in to the 3rd Meng Niu Music Billboard Newcomers’ Awards Ceremony.

(Note: All other parts unrelated to Han Geng have been omitted.)

* Both Han Geng and Hebe aren’t exactly “rookies” per se, since they’ve both debuted for 5 years and 10 years respectively in the music industry. However, they’re considered as rookies because they have pursued a solo career.
** Meaning that Han Geng has made adequate preparations for his solo career.


Summary of Super Junior – Part1 November 21, 2010

SuperJunior – No1 in the world
Who cares about the 5year curse for idols. Recently, on 6 November, Super Junior just celebrated their 5 year anniversary had prove to everybody that the curse does not affect them! With unshakable power and overflowing charisma, is conquering the entire world their next goal?

Part1: Effects on Different Countries


In 2008, SuperJunior had their ‘’SuperJunior 1st Premium Event in Japan” concert cum fanmeeting and has successfully entered the Japan market. More than 12000 people had attended the event. In Fuji, one of the famous Japanese drama <医龙> had mentioned SuperJunior in its first episode as an extra. One of the actress in the show is a SuperJunior fan, and one of her lines are “SuperJunior in amazing, is Korea’s top male group, I must really meet them once.” Although in the drama, there is only a picture of them, but appearing in a popular drama has once confirm their position as “Asia’s idol group”.

Other than that, SuperJunior-KRY which comprises of Yesung, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun had taken action to make sure their names stays in Japan. Tickets for their Tokyo concert had been sold out as soon as it had been released. It is believed that SuperJunior popularity in Japan will follow them until next year’s February where they would have their SuperShow3.Random Question: Who in SuperJunior has the most fans in Japan?
Answer: Looking cute and bubbly every time we see him, Sungmin has captured hearts of both mothers and noona fans. He is also the member who can speak Japanese fluently. In the television show, <GoodMorning>, the members have also chose Sungmin as the one with the highest popularity in Japan.

Saudi Arabia

Shrimps? Saudi Arabia ? That’s right! The Hallyu Wave has already reached the desert! (i have no idea what shrimps got to do with deserts) In one of the local surveys, SuperJunior was voted has the most popular Kpop idol group. With over 40% of the entire vote, SuperJunior had defeated the other groups – SS501, DBSK, SHINee, 2PM, BigBang, Ukiss, C.N Blue, Beast and 2AM. Leader Leeteuk’s name is placed side by side with LadyGaGa in the result of a magazine survey, confirming the popularity of SuperJunior in SaudiArabia.

The level of craziness of Middle East Kpop fans has reach the stage where fans would dig out their money, just to go to Korea to see and catch their idols. Likewise for SuperJunior fans, many female fans had been calling the radio show ,“ Kiss The Radio’’ which is being hosted by Leeteuk and Eunhyuk, just for the tiny hope that their call would get through and they could talk to their idols. Earlier on, in one of the local television show, from 2000fans, 1 lucky fan was chosen to go to korea to interview SuperJunior and that fan naturally received VIP treatment from the members.


Although the US is not a easy battleground, it is shows good potential. During the June WorldCup theme song competition, SuperJunior’s “Victory Korea” was awarded first for the <Best WorldCup Song> by the ESPN. Having 90% of the votes, they had easily defeated fellow nominees, Shakira “WakaWaka” , Akon”Oh Africa” etc.

At the same times, Boa, SNSD, SHINee and other artist from the company had organised a large scale concert, SMTown LA during September, attracting more than 15000 people of which, 70% are Americans. Even top star, Jack Nicholson, had been spotted in the crowd. According to reports, in 1 week, “SMTown” has entered the US Billboard, placing itself at the 10th spot.

What is the proudest thing? That is that SuperJunior is appearing on CNN with KimHyunJoong. With Leeteuk and Siwon as representatives, they had a interview about how the media and internet has allowed them to gain and interact with fans. Looks like SuperJunior’s wish to cover the world in sapphire blue is coming true soon.


With the debut of SJM two years ago, consisting of Kyuhyun, Siwon, Ryeowook, Donghae and China members, Zhoumi and Henry. Even after ex-leader, Hangeng left the group; the remaining 6 members continued to improve and became even better than before. SuperJunior is the korea’s endorser for KyoChon had appeared in the various shops in Shanghai for the opening ceremony. Not only that, SJM had film ads for products ranging from drinks to clothes and handphones.

While SJM is busy working in china, the other members of SuperJunior are also slowing entering the china entertainment industry. Acting genius Heechul had appeared in an idol drama, <Youth Melody>, acting as a Korea transferred student who is in love with the main actress. SuperJunior MC Kings, Shindong and Eunhyuk whom MC-ed <The Birth of a Great Star> had became judges for the China Navy Troops.

SJM will be having their new album next year. Are you ready? M for….. More!


SuperJunior’s popularity in Taiwan had reached sky high, ever since last year’s “SorrySorry” which has broken all records by remaining 1st for 36 weeks in the biggest music site, KKBOX. Until now, nobody has ever broken that record and it shows how awesome SuperJunior is. The latest song, “Bonamana” had became 1st for 22 weeks. Subgroups SJM and SJ-KRY also have their own achievements. SJM had won the <Best Group> award with their song “Super Girl” even when their opponents were all strong and famous groups. SJ-KRY would be having their concert soon and the tickets were sold out in hours after its release. Siwon and Donghae had continued their “flower boy” period, continuing from last year, after both boys had film a MV with Ariel Lin, the latest news is that both boys are going to collaborate with Ariel Lin again in a Taiwan idol drama < Challenge of the Gorgeous>

Next year, 22 January, together with 2PM, 4Minute, Beast and MBLAQ, they will attend the <Asia’s Dream, Taiwan-Korea Cultural Exchange Concert>. In March, they would be coming back for the widely anticipated SuperShow3 and in April, the SMTown concert.


SuperJunior’s popularity in Southeast Asia had started in Thailand. In 2008, Thailand-Korea relationship celebrated their 50th anniversary and the ambassador is no other then SuperJunior! From idol group to a celebrity foreign ambassador, it’s really too good to be true.

What’s more amazing is the way they manage to attract money. SJ members were said to have Yamaha Fino vehicle and had endorse Nseason’s 12plus makeup brand and other products since 2007.

Super Junior is so famous in Thailand that even the policeman knows how to dance it. Thinking that the SorrySorry fever is coming down, few policeman uncles danced to it and caused the phenomenon to rise back up again. The video of the parody had become widely spread in YouTube.

SuperJunior’s dancing machine, Eunhyuk has the most fans in Thailand. Reason being that not only he looks like a Thai, even his accent was that of a local!


In June, SuperJunior first stepped into Singapore for the Singtel/Samsung Private Showcase. However, as the place could only hold 2000 fans, many were disappointed. This time round, there is no need to “SorrySorry” anymore, in 29 January next year; SuperJunior would be bringing in the original version of SuperShow3, giving the fans another round of excitement!

I have only translated the first part, shall post the 2nd and 3rd part tomorrow ^^

Source: Iweekly,Singapore


What is Hankyung up to? November 17, 2010

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Since Hankyung (Hangeng) took his leave from Super Junior and SM Entertainment, what exactly has he been doing?

Fans were surprised to find the ex-Super Junior member in a commercial for a 3D online game from China.

In the commercial, Hankyung is seen getting yelled at by his female boss at the place where he’s a part-time worker. As, in the commercial, it’s his dream to become a singer, you see him dancing around to his headphones. The boss scolds him, “What do you think you’re doing? You think this is a concert or something? This is a place of business.”

Not being able to take it anymore, Hankyung becomes angry and is transported into the game, where he fights his evil boss, defeats her, and (back to reality) becomes the singer he dreamt of.

Some (crazy) netizens are seeing this commercial as a betrayal to his Korean fan base, because “he’s continuing to do activities even though he hasn’t cleaned everything back up in Korea.”

Other fans are delighted to see Hankyung’s face again, even though it’s not in Korean or with Super Junior members.

In December of 2009, Hankyung broke up with SM Entertainment due to an unfair contract and announced that he plans to go solo in the Chinese market. He is currently doing activities alone, as in this commercial.

If you too are missing Hankyung, check out the commercial for yourself.

The game looks pretty exciting, but there seems to be some netizen hate uprising from the news getting to the peninsula over a month after the commercial was released.

Do you see Hankyung’s commercial as betrayal? Or, is he just getting on with his life in style?
Write on our wall, share your thoughts about hankyung..

source: popseoul


SUPER SHOW 2 DVD informations! (picture, price, etc.) October 21, 2010

Release date: changed to the 29th of October (2 days earlier!)
Price: ~29 000wons (USD 26; we don’t know yesasia’s price yet.)

Superjunior The 2nd Asia Tour “Super Show 2″
DVD special features : Concert making film! +Special color photobook! + 1 poster!

2 DVDs + special color photobook (82 pages) + limited edition poster
DVD Concert of Super Junior 2009 asia tour that started in July in Seoul olympic stadium.
It includes super junior’s remix songs and sub unit performances as well as their solo.

DVD with pcm sound and HD video.

177minutes of concert and 37 songs! Total video (with extra): 216minutes.

Disc 1:
01. Intro
02. 갈증 (A Man In Love)
03. U
04. 너라고 (It’S You)
05. 그녀는 위험해 (She Wants It)
06. ment (members presentation)
07. 앤젤라 (Angela)
08. Miracle
09. Disco Drive
10. Dancing Out
11. Baby Baby – Sungmin
12. 魂[혼] – Heechul
13. Beautiful – Donghae
14. 체념 – Yehsung
15. Insomnia – Ryeowook
16. 7년간의 사랑 – Kyuhyun
17. What If
18. 이별… 넌 쉽니
19. Honey – Leeteuk
20. Doc와 춤을 + Run To You – Kangin
21. Don’T Don
22. Twins

Disc 2
Concert making film : concert rehearshals, dressing room and personal interviews of the members.

01. 우리들의 사랑 (Our Love)
02. Puff The Magic Dragon
03. Who Am I – Siwon
04. 당신이기에 – SJM
05. 迷 [Me] – SJM
06. Shining Star
07. Sorry, Sorry
08. 슈퍼맨 [superman]
09. 로꾸거!!! [rokkugo!!!]
10. Gee
11. 꿀단지 [Sunny]
12. 파자마파티 [Pajama Party]
13. 카니발 [Carnival]
14. 소원이 있나요 (soweoni itnayo)
15. Marry U
16. ENCORE SONG – Wonder Boy
17. ment [Closing]

Source: yes24
Translated by Alice (OhㅡDɑrℓing♥) @ SJ-WORLD.NET
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[Schedule] 101018 – 101024 Super Junior’s

Monday October 18, 2010
▶ AM 00:00 MBC Pyojun FM Shindong, Park Gyuri’s Sim Sim Tapa [DJ SHINDONG]
▶ PM 08:00 SBS Power FM Kim Heechul’s YoungStreet [DJ HEECHUL]
▶ PM 08:50 SBS Dr. Champ – Ep 07 [SHINDONG]
▶ PM 10:00 KBS Cool FM Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio SEASON2 [DJ LEETEUK & EUNHYUK]

Tuesday October 19, 2010
▶ AM 00:05 MBC Pyojun FM Shindong, Park Gyuri’s Sim Sim Tapa [DJ SHINDONG]
▶ PM 08:00 SBS Power FM Kim Heechul’s YoungStreet [DJ HEECHUL]
▶ PM 08:00 Musical ‘Spamalot’ [YESUNG]
▶ PM 08:50 SBS Dr. Champ – Ep 08 [SHINDONG]
▶ PM 10:00 KBS Cool FM Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio SEASON2 [DJ LEETEUK & EUNHYUK]

Wednesday October 20, 2010
▶ AM 00:05 MBC Pyojun FM Shindong, Park Gyuri’s Sim Sim Tapa [DJ SHINDONG]
▶ PM 08:00 SBS Power FM Kim Heechul’s YoungStreet [DJ HEECHUL]
▶ PM 10:00 KBS Cool FM Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio SEASON2 [DJ LEETEUK & EUNHYUK]

Thursday October 21, 2010
▶ AM 00:05 MBC Pyojun FM Shindong, Park Gyuri’s Sim Sim Tapa [DJ SHINDONG]
▶ PM 05:00 KBS Cool FM Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio – Public Broadcast [LEETEUK, EUNHYUK, K.R.Y.]
▶ PM 06:00 MBC Every1 Super Junior Leeteuk, Yesung’s Love Chaser [MC LEETEUK, YESUNG]
▶ PM 07:00 YTN STAR-TV LIVE POWER Music [Super Junior K.R.Y.]
▶ PM 08:00 SBS Power FM Kim Heechul’s YoungStreet [DJ HEECHUL]
▶ PM 10:00 KBS Cool FM Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio SEASON2 [DJ LEETEUK & EUNHYUK]

Friday October 22, 2010
▶ AM 00:05 MBC Pyojun FM Shindong, Park Gyuri’s Sim Sim Tapa [DJ SHINDONG]
▶ PM 08:00 SBS Power FM Kim Heechul’s YoungStreet [DJ HEECHUL]
▶ PM 10:00 KBS Cool FM Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio SEASON2 [DJ LEETEUK & EUNHYUK]

Saturday October 23, 2010
▶ AM 00:05 MBC Pyojun FM Shindong, Park Gyuri’s Sim Sim Tapa [DJ SHINDONG]
▶ PM 06:30 SBS Star King [LEETEUK]
▶ PM 08:00 SBS Power FM Kim Heechul’s YoungStreet [DJ HEECHUL]
▶ PM 09:00 SiTV Korean Impression [ZHOUMI]
▶ PM 10:00 KBS Cool FM Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio SEASON2 [DJ LEETEUK & EUNHYUK]
▶ PM 10:30 Trend E The Muzit [MC YESUNG]
▶ PM –:– The 3rd ASIA TOUR – SUPER SHOW 3 in Beijing [SUPER JUNIOR]

Sunday October 24, 2010
▶ AM 00:05 MBC Pyojun FM Shindong, Park Gyuri’s Sim Sim Tapa [DJ SHINDONG]
▶ PM 08:00 SBS Power FM Kim Heechul’s YoungStreet [DJ HEECHUL]
▶ PM 10:00 KBS Cool FM Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio SEASON2 [DJ LEETEUK & EUNHYUK]

All schedules compiled on SJ-WORLD.NET
Data from 온새미로, smtown & sj-market
May be taken out with full & proper credits

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MBC GAYO DAEJUN 2009 October 10, 2010





Hangeng Wants To Be On Stage With Super Junior if Korean Law Allows Him 韓庚: 我也想圓利特? October 6, 2010

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I believe that a lot of ELFs already hear about this, but I just want to share it again with other ELFs that haven’t heard about this…

相信各位應該都有聽說這件事了, 但我還是想跟還沒聽說過這件事的親分享…

What Does Leeteuk Want To Do Before Enlisting in the Army?

On the 23rd, MBC Radio Star aired a Chuseok special with Super Junior members. Super Junior revealed, “We can’t get in contact with Hankyung. We were a bit disappointed when we heard members did not look out for him.”
They added, “We would hang out and go out for drinks. If he was sad or was having a hard time, I think he could have come to us. We feel we could have given him a hand.”
Eunhyuk confessed, “Honestly, there’s nothing more than simply missing him.” Leader Leeteuk stated, “We always have a position just for him. Before I enlist in the army, I wish to have all 13 members on stage.”

Hangeng’s response:
At a recent press conference in Singapore held for Hangeng, a reporter asked him what his thoughts were on Leeteuk‘s wish to all stand on stage together before he enlists in the army, which he revealed on MBC’s Radio Star. What was Hangeng’s reply?
Hangeng stated that he would also like to be on stage with all the members, only if the Korean law border allowed him to be and as long as the legal issues with SM Entertainment are sorted.
He also revealed that he is still in contact with two members from Super Junior, but tries not to contact them and the others too much as he does not want to cause them any trouble with the company. Hangeng continuously hopes that they all do understand his actions and reasons for doing this.