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2011.01.06-07 UFO REPLIES (JONGHYUN) January 25, 2011

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011.01.06 02:05
Fan: [Jonghyun] Oppa, is it okay if you can call my name?
[Jonghyun] Gyuyeon?
(T/N: This fan’s UFO name is “JonghyunGyuyeon”)

2011.01.06 02:05
Fan: [Jonghyun] Jonghyun oppa very handsome
[Jonghyun] Yes

2011.01.06 02:06
Fan: [Onew Jonghyun Key Minho Taemin] Oppas~ Do you have encore concert? Want to see oppas ㅠㅠ Encore concert go go!
[Jonghyun] Go go go go

2011.01.06 02:07
Fan: [Jonghyun] Oppa!! I will be going to Year 9 in Secondary School. Really tiring ㅠ
[Jonghyun] Indeed very tiring. But it’ll eventually be over won’t it?

2011.01.06 02:09
Fan: [Jonghyun] Girls, really handsomeㅠㅠ Want to sleep but because of oppa I can’t sleep! Sing a lullaby for me?
[Jonghyun] Under mother’s care
(T/N: This is the Korean title: 엄마가 섬그늘에)

2011.01.06 02:11
Fan: [Jonghyun] Is it not okay to chat with me??? ㅋㅋI really like oppaㅠㅠ
[Jonghyun] Really want to~?

2011.01.06 02:12
Fan: [Jonghyun] What are you doing?
[Jonghyun] Keke

2011.01.06 02:13
Fan: [Jonghyun] Woo…is oppa right?? ㅠㅠ Like oppa the most ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Byulroo is in my room. Bring her away ^^;;
[Jonghyun] No Byulroo is with me

Fan: [Jonghyun] Oppa. Wish you are here. I want to sayㅋㅋI love oppa…really ^^ Oppa is the best
[Jonghyun] Thank you ^^

2011.01.06 02:18
Fan: [Jonghyun] Is it alright to keep sending? Oppa I went to the concert on the last day! Ready or Not stage was totally handsome!!ㅋㅋ
[Jonghyun] Yeah~ Ready or not is real

2011.01.06 02:19
Fan: [Jonghyun] Also when you sang A-YO. The little sequence grami? The ‘a’ with lower case letters? Who’s ID was it? Too cute~
[Jonghyun] It’s the choreographers
(T/N: I’m not sure what “grami” is -_-)

2011.01.06 02:28
Fan: [Jonghyun] Oppa, if I call you cute, handsome and sexy. Which one do you like more???
[Jonghyun] Like all

2011.01.06 02:45
Fan: [Jonghyun] Should sleep now ㅠㅋㅋ I need to sleep too. Handsome, cute and sexy Jonghyunee Oppa~ Goodnight
[Jonghyun] Good night

2011.01.06 02:47
Fan: [Jonghyun] (T/N: The fan hid the message)
[Jonghyun] Thank You

2011.01.06 02:59
Fan: [Jonghyun] Jonghyun ah. Wish I can see you quicker at encore concert. Miss you..^^
[Jonghyun] Me too

2011.01.06 03:00
Fan: [Jonghyun] Also good at rap Jonghyun-ssi! Is it not okay to perform rap in a Hot Times performance!?
[Jonghyun]ㅋㅋㅋ That…no

2011.01.07 14:12
Fan: [Jonghyun] Maybe if I send a UFO with “Jonghyun is handsome!” those kinda words will earn me a reply?
[Jonghyun] Thank you. Ke

2011.01.07 14:20
Fan:[Jonghyun] What is oppa doing?
[Jonghuyn] Sending replies to you

2011.01.07 14:23
Fan: [Jonghyun] Ah. Really. Couldn’t go to the concert. ㅠ What should I do? ㅠ
[Jonghun]ㅠㅠ Come to the concert. Ke
(T/N: Korean fan guess he meant the next concert?)

2011.01.07 14:25
Fan: [Jonghyun] Ehㅠ!! Need to speak the truth even when you are in front of me.
[Jonghyun] Eh??ㅋㅋㅋ

2011.01.07 14:35
Fan: [Jonghyun] Oh, it’s my first time receiving an UFO reply from Jonghyun!! Want to see you dancing faster!! Do you like bread~?
[Jonghyun] Do not like bread

2011.01.07 14:42
Fan: [Jonghyun] Why does it seem so easy for oppa? Won’t become crazy
[Jonghyun]ㅋㅋㅋㅋIt’s this easy

2011.01.07 14:43
Fan: [Jonghyun] Why are you doing this to me!!!!!! Not replying UFO ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
[Jonghyun] Replying

2011.01.07 14:44
Fan: [Jonghyun] When you see it in winter, it’s a bit…suitable right?! Ah not just a bit…but a lot? ㅠ?
[Jonghyun] Mm?

2011.01.07 14:44
Fan: [Jonghyun] Ahahahahah, DBSK oppas will comeback soon!!! Is oppa is supporting right now?
[Jonghyun] Yes ^^

2011.01.07 14:47
Fan: [Jonghyun] By the time oppa replies, my neck will come off ㅠㅋㅋㅋㅋ
[Jonghyun]ㅠㅠ jing jing bbok (imitates the neck falling off sound)

2011.01.07 14:48
Fan: [Jonghyun] Not replying, come here jjing jjing ㅜㅜ!!!!!!
[Jonghyun] Jing Jing~

2011.01.07 14:49
Fan: [Jonghyun] Ah oppa, why is it everytime you reply my UFOs, it’s repeatedㅜㅜ So bad
[Jonghyun] Didn’t repeat ke

2011.01.07 14:33
Fan: [Jonghyun] Had been standing at the standing zone during the concert. Now, there’s not a single place where it doesn’t hurt on my body ㅠㅠ
[Jonghyun] Still??

2011.01.07 14:34
Fan: [Jonghyun] Mm, or …ㅠㅠㅠㅠ seems like a month alreadyㅠㅠㅠ
[Jonghyun] Eh, you’re lying

2011.01.07 14:39S
Fan: [Jonghyun] It’s true. It’s the truth. Body is still hurtingㅠㅠㅠ You need to take responsibility ㅠAhㅠㅠ
[Jonghyun] Why meㅠㅠㅠ

2011.01.07 14:48
Fan: [Jonghyun] Sorry… very unreasonable. No matter what, my body is still hurting a lot. It’s trueㅠㅠ
[Jonghyun]ㅠㅠ I

source: shakizi
chinese trans: bobohero@sm shinee
eng trans: vivz@soompi


November 19, 2010

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SM Entertainment recently announced that they would be forming a ballad group with members from various SM Entertainment bands.

SHINee’s Jonghyun, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, TRAX’s Jay and a new singer who has yet to debut, JINO, will be part of the group.

JINO who has been a trainee for two years will debut with the group.

On November 19th, SM said that their first album,Missing You, will be out on November 26th.

The group name will be called S.M THE BALLAD and SM says the group will also collaborate with other SM artists and singers in the future to create ballad music.



jonghyun injured:( October 15, 2010

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It was revealed today that two of SHINee’s members were injured after a performance in Indonesia. SHINee took off for Jakarta to perform for the ‘Korea-Indonesia Sharing Friendship Concert‘, held on October 12th.

SM Entertainment announced on the 14th, “The Indonesian fans showed a lot of interest in SHINee during this event. There were a lot of people that were waiting to see the group after the performance, so as Jonghyun was getting off-stage, he was being pushed around, causing him to twist his ankle and injure his ligaments. Key also got hurt at this time.”

SM continued, “Jonghyun went to a hospital in Seoul as soon as he arrived. He got a minor cast to protect his ankle. Key went to the hospital as well and they told him he should rest for a day or two. Because of this, SHINee could not make it to the event that was scheduled that night.”

SM added, “But their injuries are not serious, so their follow-up song ‘Hello’ will be promoted without problems. SHINee members remain very thankful of the Indonesian fans’ support.”

Their appearance in Indonesia made it to the first page of ‘The Jakarta Post’.

Suddenly this explains why SHINee performed with just Minho, Taemin and Onew at the KIKO Public Awareness Cultural Fest last night
source : allkpop


SHINee spend a day with Korea’s president and the female U-17 soccer team September 29, 2010

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On September 29th, SHINee spent an enjoyable date at Cheongwadae (The President’s House) with the 2010 FIFA U-17 World Cup Women’s Football Team.

SHINee was able to meet with the team’s members, as well as Korea’s president, Lee Myung Park, and they performed ‘Nuna You’re So Pretty’ and ‘Ring Ding Dong’.

SHINee was invited to the President’s house because they were chosen by the players as their favorite idol group. The group was well received, especially during their performance of ‘Nuna You’re So Pretty’.

On the same day, the official me2day account of Cheonwadae revealed, “After watching the players enjoy SHINee’s stage a lot, the President and The First Lady wanted to take a picture so that the players remember this meaningful day.”


SHINee – Comedy acting challenge in ‘Honey Pot’ September 11, 2010

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Group SHINee showed off their variety skills making an appearance in MBC’s laughter variety ‘Honey Pot’.

SHINee’s Minho who played a younger boy to Kim Na Yeong reenacted the famous scenes of each drama romances, while Jonghyun who played opposite to An Yeong Mi played his cute yeonhanam part perfectly.

SHINee, who showed us their cute side before, brought huge laughters to the filming site with their skilled comic acting.

Also, it was said that they captured the noona’s and of course production crews’ heart when they showed them enjoying themselves even when they have to film overnight due to busy schedules.

Minho and Nayeong showing teacher-student love in a comic way, Jonghyun and Yeongmi enjoying their ‘friend’s sibiling’ date, what kind of tragic love affair this will be is gaining interest.

Aired on 5th 9:25am.

eng trans: lala_land@soompi
indo trans: vina
credit: soomp


SHINee_One Fine Day_Making Film {LINKS} August 6, 2010

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SHINee_One Fine Day_Making Film ver.1 :

SHINee_One Fine Day_Making Film ver.2 :

SHINee_One Fine Day_Making Film ver.3:

SHINee_One Fine Day_Making Film ver.4 :


SHINee’s Comeback July 6, 2010

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Just to clear things up as a lot of people are starting to mistaken.

First thing first.

SMEnt has never released any official statements in regards to SHINee’s Comeback at all.

The only official signs they have ever released is the changes in SHINee’s hair, and the me2day updates of SHINee, some going “Please wait a little longer!”

However, we have sources in regards to SHINee’s comeback, and that no statement was made to say that it’s false either.

6/23-25 album jacket shooting and MV filming(scheduled)
7/6 Release of teasers (scheduled)
Copyright Association Registration (scheduled)
7/8 Song release (scheduled)
7/9 Music video release (scheduled)
Music Bank Comeback (Tentative)
7/10 Music Core Comeback (Tentative)
7/12 Album Release (scheduled)

First point.

6/23 – 25 Album Jacket and MV Filming.

We don’t have confirmed info. but

1. Minho didn’t go for Dream Team recording on Sunday.

2. LowHighWhite (HaSaengBak, SHINee’s stylist) tweeted during this period about being in the album shoot of a certain idol.

All these are not confirmed, but they’re leads.

Second point.

7/6 Release of teasers (scheduled)
Copyright Association Registration (scheduled)

Everyone have been talking about MV Teaser, however, no source, legit or not, has ever talked about MV Teaser.

Here are the types of Teasers.

1. Album Cover Teaser.

Where they’ll shut SHINee’s official web down ( and put only a pic/ background up.

The picture will only be a background or a hint to the theme of the album, no SHINee member will be up there at all.

And it will have the name of the Album.

2. Picture Teaser

They’ll usually put this after the Album Cover teaser, as links on top of the album cover.

They’ll release the pictures of each SHINee member one by one with their new hair styles and clothes.

3. Music Teaser

They’ll release short versions of every song in the Album track, letting everyone have a feel of how the song should be. Usually the whole album track and album name will be released with it.

4. MV Teaser

They’ll release a edited short version of the already done MV. (Which includes their hair, clothes, style, song everything.)

Please think rationally, would it even be, a MV Teaser?

There has never been a single Korean Idol / Idol group out there that has released a MV Teaser before even releasing the Album name, name of title track, much less the newly styled hairstyle of the Idol.

However if there is indeed a teaser released on the 6th of July (Regardless of which ever type), it practically confirms this rumor schedule, as its our only source as of right now to their comeback.